Types of Association


(i)         Teaching in the new foundation/prerequisite courses – The program has new foundationand prerequisite courses in history of science, modern south asian studies, digital societies, reading and writing, real world economics and the like. While faculty have been identified for most of these courses, please indicate if you would like to teach any one of them.

(ii)        Seminars – The program has a new seminar course in each semester. This is designed to be a course in which a student writes a paper bringing together the learning of two or more of the courses the student is taking in the semester. Please indicate if you are willing to supervise students in the new seminar course and whether you can do this in both semesters or one (indicate which semester).

(iii)      Tutorials – Foundation courses have tutorials associated with them in which students will be broken up into smaller groups and be tutored by a faculty member, who need not be an instructor for the course. Please indicate if you are willing to tutor a small group of students and for which course you can do this.

(iv)       Offering new courses – Please indicate if you would like to design a new course particularly with an interdisciplinary flavor to be offered as an elective in this program. This can be in teaching + make and do mode as well.

2. Advising

A major component of this program is choice, not merely of what courses to take but also how to select a concentration or design a custom concentration. This requires a high-level commitment toof advising on the part of faculty. Please indicate if you are willing to advise a student in this regard and which concentrations you will be able to advise in, ie. natural sciences, engineering sciences, art and design, social sciences or custom concentrations or several of these (please indicate which ones, if more than one).

3. Final year project supervision

All students in this program do a final year project. Projects should draw on the learning of different fields/subjects/disciplines. Please indicate if you are willing to supervise the final year projects of students in this program and in which concentration/s.

Interested faculty may fill out an expression of interest here: https://cle.iitb.ac.in/expression-of-interest/