Freedom to choose

Choose your own path to sciences, engineering, or design

IIT Bombay

At IIT’s Centre for Liberal Education (CLE), you get to choose your path through courses across IIT Bombay. You have the freedom to explore options and choose which one suits you best. You will be given a personal faculty guide to help you through this process.

“Liberal education” is not about the humanities. It is about the freedom to choose any specialisation. Rather than choose a branch before knowing the actual content, students in CLE have the freedom to explore and then make a choice that suits them best.

CLE is not about “the arts.” It’s about the freedom to choose what is right for you.

You will have the freedom to choose after admission to IIT Bombay. Students select their specialisation leading to a B.S. in Natural Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Social Sciences, or Art & Design.

Open to already-admitted undergraduates at IIT Bombay, the CLE’s UG program, the LASE program, allows students to access any branch of knowledge at IIT Bombay after their first year.

While IIT Bombay has discontinued branch change from 2023, first year students are still allowed shift to the LASE program after their first year as per the 256th Senate meeting. There are 30 seats in the LASE program; students have to register their interest and go through a brief selection process.

Switch to CLE’s LASE program and have the freedom to choose your program with the help of their faculty guide.

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Students will graduate with a Bachelor of Science (BS) as per their choice of concentration:

BS in Natural Sciences

BS in Engineering Sciences

BS in Social Sciences

BS in Art & Design

BS in <Custom Concentration>

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