The liberal arts mode of specialisation

Exposure, choice, and guidance

The “liberal arts” is a method for specialising in any branches of knowledge from sciences to art and design. The liberal arts mode has three core components:

  1. Broad exposure to foundational areas of knowledge
  2. Choice of specialisation on the basis of this broad exposure
  3. Close faculty guidance

Broadening horizons is an end in itself, but it also enables better choices because these choices emerge from a student’s own commitments and interests. Choice gives the student ownership of his/her course, and exposure enables better choices. 

These are tough choices so students will have faculty advisers helping them at every step. Liberal arts courses are intentionally kept small precisely to deepen this critical relationship.

Data on the UG education of Phd recipients in the US tells us that the liberal arts mode works. Specialising through the liberal arts mode creates better scientists, better engineers, better social scientists, and better designers because of this combination of exposure, choice, and guidance